Pre Purchase

Residential Property Surveys

Engaging RSL Chartered Building Surveyors to undertake a property survey will ensure you are obtaining the best possible advice regarding your property investment, whether it be a first purchase or the culmination of many years of property investment.

We will safeguard your financial investment, advise you of all aspects of the purchase not only covering the structure, but also its immediate environment, services and legal issues affecting the structure such as Planning and Building Regulations.

The Structural Survey

This is our highest level reporting tool. It will describe and identify each element of structure. Every attempt will be made to access the entire property via a standard surveyors ladder. Concealed voids cannot be accessed without the property owners consent. However any areas not available for access will be identified accordingly for future investigation. High level access may be arranged such as for concealed roofs at an extra cost by an appropriate access platform contractor.

A full cost analysis of any repair works will be included within this report, together with a rebuild cost assessment and photographs.

The RICS Home Buyers Report

The same thorough property inspection, but reported in a much less detailed and bespoke manner, formed on the latest RICS software for a quick reference overview of the property. Designed for simple straight forward and modern structures, typically 20th and 21st Century buildings, of limited modification since being built, this report includes a rebuild cost assessment and market valuation.

Level 2 Home Buyers Survey

Our Level 2 Homebuyers survey is written in the same style as the RICS Homebuyers Report but does not include a Market Valuation and a Current Reinstatement Cost Assessment, So is therefore our most cost effective report to produce.


Whichever survey you wish to have carried out it will be undertaken with due regard to your specific requirements. Should you have any queries at the time of purchase such as extending or other modifications we will be pleased to discuss these with you so we may incorporate the proposals into our survey report.

Above all remember, we know your property purchase is a stressful time, RSL Chartered Building Surveyors can remove much of that stress for you. We will still be there for you even after you move in if required.