Property Disputes

Expert Witness

We provide a professional Expert Witness procedure for all civil litigation actions, whether or not this is with the involvement of legal representation.

We can provide initial advice regarding the type of dispute that has or may be about to occur. Where legal assistance is required we can advise on the type of approach to be made. Or if dispute resolution is possible without recourse to legal means we will be pleased to broker such agreements and mediate between parties to assist in a settlement. Where it has not been possible or action is in process, we will either by direct engagement or more likely from a legal representative provide preliminary advice prior to court proceedings, or if necessary provide full Civil Procedure Rule Reporting.

RSL Chartered Building Surveyors have considerable experience in all forms of expert reporting, either to individuals or their legal representatives for evidence submissions to the court for determination as part of the judicial process.

RSL Chartered Building Surveyors will apply a knowledgeable, independent, professional and non judgemental approach to any building contract or building/structural dispute that may arise whether engaged as a Single or Joint Expert Witness.

Arbitration / Mediation

RSL Chartered Building Surveyors will be pleased to offer our technical expertise in assisting with brokering an objective resolution to a building related dispute, without recourse to litigation.

RSL Chartered Building Surveyors will always seek to provide the appropriate resolution to a dispute, whether between property owners, or where a building contract has gone into breach by either or both parties. We recognise that modern construction contracts require evidence of mediation, before the courts will entertain any litigious action. We are here to assist in providing this mediatory role in order to settle such issues that arise during a contractual or non contractual situation.